Who we are

The Central London Seventh-day Adventist Church serves a vibrant and diverse international population across London.

Our ministry is Bible-based and holistic. Central Church faithfully serves its members and visitors and develops disciples spiritually, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially. In these and many other ways, Central Church strives to be a meeting place for all people.

Our beliefs

  • Jesus Christ is our God and Savior. He is alive Today and plays an active part in our lives.
  • Christ will return again to Earth in glory to bring in an everlasting kingdom.
  • Saturday is the seventh-day of the week that God blessed at His creation of the world, and that this seventh-day has special meaning for the world Today.
  • Those that have died are in a sleep-alike state awaiting the return of Jesus to this Earth. When Jesus does return He will resurrect to eternal life those that have placed their trust in his God.
  • Our health (physical, emotional and spiritual) is to be looked after as we are holistic beings.
  • Christians are to share God’s love in practical ways.

What to expect

  • A friendly multicultural atmosphere, with people that want you to feel at home.
  • Great worship program with contemporary live music performed by highly talented singers and musicians.
  • On going spiritual, uplifting and social activities for all ages.
  • You can take part in fun and engaging activities that have an impact in our community, such as feeding the homeless, supporting health programs or fundraising for water in Africa.